Areas Serviced

We are headquartered out of Fargo, North Dakota. Our primary business is in the midwest region. To reduce travel costs to the customer, we will always try to have more than one job in a serviced area.


If not in the area serviced, we will provide you with a recommendation of a company that can help!


Below is a list of our services, please refer to our contact page if you think we can be of assistance.



Under Floor Heat Cable Repair

Repair cables underneath the slab of concrete.


This is a repaired underfloor heat cable. It was faulted due to perimeter settling.



Under Tile Heat Cable Repair

Repair cables underneath ceramic tile.


This is an under tile heat cable that was cut by a trawl when the grout was being applied.


Outside Slab Cable Repair

Repair cables in concrete slabs.


This was in the sidewalk leading into a hospital. The fault was caused by the factory coldsplice that overheated and damaged surrounding heat cables.


Ceiling Heat Cable Repair

Repair cables in sheet rock of ceilings.


This ceiling heat cable was faulted due to a staple that was too tight on the cable.